Spring Cleaning Should Include Preventative Dental Care

As the official start of Spring is right around the corner, many of us begin to feel the pull to clean. Most of us think about Spring cleaning in relation to our house, but Spring cleaning shouldn’t just pertain to your house or job, it should also be a part of your oral health care routine.

A regular preventive dental care visit typically includes a check-up that consists of x-rays and a cleaning, however, a third of Americans don’t carve out time to see the dentist annually!

It’s hard to know why so many people don’t schedule their regular dentist visits, but there are lots of reasons they should. We’ve put together a list of seven reasons, some more obvious than others, for why preventive dental care matters:

Reduce Plaque
Dental cleanings and education about good oral care are provided to help support you in your dental health journey. Regular dentist visits, including cleanings, remove stubborn plaque from your teeth. Plaque, if allowed to build up, can lead to cavities, gum disease, inflammation, discoloration and other oral health concerns.

Reverse Gingivitis
When red, swollen and bleeding gums exist, preventative dental care can stop it from progressing into bone loss and periodontal disease.

Cancer Screening
Early identification and intervention is the best way to tackle any problem, and oral cancer is no exception. Your dentist can check for signs oral cancer during your exam. 

Addresses Bad Breath

Bad breath can have a number of causes that should be discussed with your dentist. Dry mouth from medications, an overproduction of bacteria, or smoking can cause bad breath. To ensure it isn’t a sign of a bigger problem, talk to your dentist.

Support Glucose Management

Preventative dental care can support diabetic health, and the link between diabetes and gum disease is profound. Research shows that diabetics are more susceptible to both gingivitis and periodontitis, and that these can also have a negative effect on glucose management.

Reduce Heart Problems
Diet, exercise, and the dentist, can all help reduce arterial disease, heart disease, and heart attacks. Gum disease is a result of inflammation, and new studies are showing inflammation anywhere in the body is a sign of it everywhere. Good oral care reduces inflammation and could support a healthy heart.

Brain Health
Both strokes and Alzheimer’s Disease are linked to poor dental care. In fact, according to Reuters Health, patients were 70% more likely to develop Alzheimer’s if they had periodontitis for over 10 years. Regular dentist visits can help slow down the progression of gum disease and prevent periodontal disease.

Spring has sprung, and with so many beneficial reasons, there is simply no excuse for not visiting your dentist for a spring cleaning and checkup. Whether you’re new in the area, ready to get back into your regular dental visits, or simply wanting to begin a habit of regular dental visits, we can help! Call us today 502-633-2229.


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