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Chewing Gum: Fact & Fiction

Remember all the things your parents would tell you when you were growing up to scare you away from doing something? Like how lying might make your nose grow, misbehaving meant you wouldn’t get money from the tooth fairy, and swallowed chewing gum would build up in your stomach and stay there for years?

Maybe that last one stayed with you well beyond your teens, and occurred to you every time you accidentally (or purposely) swallowed a piece of gum. We don’t blame you. It’s a scary thought.

But is it true?

We hate to take the fun out of parental discipline, but swallowing a piece of chewing gum is pretty much like swallowing any other piece of food. It will move right through your digestive system with no danger of getting stuck for months, let alone seven years.

This doesn’t mean you should start swallowing all your gum from now on, but if it happens accidentally now and then, there’s no need to panic.

Another common gum myth is that sugar-free gum can help you lose weight. Although…

When To Start Brushing Babies Teeth

Early dental care for children is very important. Although most babies do not have visible teeth for the first six months to one year of their lives, good dental care starts from the very beginning. Baby teeth will eventually be replaced by permanent adult teeth, but neglect of your child’s first teeth may lead to serious health issues.

In making sure your child has proper dental care, you will help to safeguard their smile, and also assist them in building a lifetime of good oral care habits.
Before Tooth Eruption The first baby teeth start to show up at around six months old and will likely appear in the front of the mouth. But even before they arrive, you need to keep your baby’s mouth clean. Using a clean, warm, moistened cloth or a piece of sterile gauze, gently wipe your baby’s gums with your index finger. Be thorough, but use light pressure. The goal is to remove any food particles or milk film from their gums.
Teething Teething can be frustrating for a baby and their parents. It b…