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What Are Dental Abfractions?

Dental abfractions are actually among the most common of all dental problems. They are the notches that occur in the teeth at the gum line. At one point, it was believed that dental abfractions were caused by overaggressive tooth brushing; dentists would generally advise patients to change their brushing habits and that their abfractions would not get any worse. We now know this to be incorrect. Without treatment, not only will dental abfractions become worse, but they can lead to such serious problems as tooth loss. Fortunately, by scheduling a consultation to discuss dental damage and dental abfractions with one of our esteemed dentists at our Wilmington, DE cosmetic and restorative dentistry practice, you can help to preserve the long-term health of your teeth and integrity of your smile. What Causes Dental Abfractions?Unlike tooth decay and dental caries, dental abfractions are not caused by plaque or tartar. They are also not caused by overaggressive tooth brushing, as once thought…

Why are dental sealants so important?

Sealants have been proven to help prevent cavities in children by 70% and is typically a covered benefit with most dental insurance companies up to a certain age. Your molars naturally have deep groves in them, some children’s molars may have even deeper groves than others. Since they are deep food and bacteria are prone to getting caught in the grooves and are very hard to remove, even with a twice daily brushing routine. When dental sealants are placed, they fill in these grooves, making it easier to keep the molars clean and therefore prevent cavities.The most recent research proves that dental sealants not only protect healthy teeth, but can also stop decay from forming in the beginning stages, which in turn prevents future cavities.
What Are Dental Sealants? Dental sealants are a thin, plastic coating this is applied by your dentist or hygienist that fill in the deep groves of the chewing surface on your molars. There is no pain associated with this procedure, no drilling or shots…

Friendly ways to satisfy a sweet tooth

Got a sweet tooth? The craving for something sweet and delicious is something most people can understand. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to completely ignore cravings that arise. In fact, this behavior can lead to binging, or swinging too far into the deep end when you reach a “breaking point.” You can enjoy sweet treats in moderation, and with proper dental care and making some smile-friendly choices, your teeth and gums will be just fine! Here are 5 smile-friendly ways to satisfy that sweet tooth without sacrificing your oral health: Try to Satisfy Cravings With Whole Fruits First Fruit was designed to be eaten whole—a perfect package of water, fiber, and natural sugars. When it is enjoyed in its original form, and in moderation, most fruits will not damage teeth or gums. In fact, they can help keep them healthy! Stay away from highly acidic choices when possible (like lemons and pineapple.) Often, a good piece of ripe fruit is very effective at satisfying a craving for…