"My crown came off! What do I do now?"

Although losing a crown not a serious emergency, many patients experience a disconcerting sensation when their crowns are not in place. If your dental crown came off, don’t panic, but do call to make an appointment right away. In the meantime, there are a few things you can do to put it back in place and alleviate your pain before you are able to see the dentist.

What Do I Do if My Crown Fell Off?
When your crown pops off, immediately get it out of your mouth, or find it (if it is in your food, on the floor, in the sink, etc.). You don’t want to swallow it, because, although it would probably pass without a problem, you would not be able to reattach it, and would need to have a new crown fitted. 

Call and schedule an appointment to get the crown reattached. 
Let the office staff know that your crown came off and give details. They will try to get you in as soon as possible (within a week at most).

DO NOT use super glue/dental adhesive/cement 
These substances could cause more damage to the surrounding area. 

Use Orajel on the sensitive area
If there is any pain or sensitivity, you can use Orajel- an over the counter topical pain relat the drug store. Use a cotton swab for application.

What Will the Dentist Do?
During your visit, the dentist will consider many factors to determine the best course for treatment and repair. There can be a variety of reasons why your crown fell out. If it’s an older crown, the cement may have become loose, there could be some underlying decay, or your bite could be off.  If the crown is slightly chipped, a minor repair is typically possible. If the damage is substantial, you may need a new crown.

Don’t Delay Your Visit
No matter what caused your crown to fall out, it is now a top priority for you to get into the dentist as quickly as possible to get it reattached. Delaying your visit to the dentist could cause a number of additional problems such as bacterial infection, gums growing into the area where the crown needs to be attached, teeth moving and causing the crown to no longer fit, and possible damage to what’s left of the tooth. 


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